Small Nursery Storage Ideas – How to Utilize Every Inch

For being such tiny humans babies seem to take up a lot of space (with their stuff). Most of the time nurseries are designed in one of the smallest rooms in the house. This makes it essential to figure out some small nursery storage ideas.

Dual-Purpose Furniture

The most efficient way to utilize space in a small nursery is having dual-purpose furniture.

Today, you can find adorable cribs that have attached changing tables complete with drawers, shelves, or both for storing all your diapering essentials.grey crib with attached changing table

A second item you will need for your nursery is a dresser. Baby clothes are small and while you can certainly hang all of their shirts and outfits on hangers in the closet there are going to be things that need to be folded and stored like their pants, shorts, skirts (for girls), and swaddle blankets.

There are changing table dressers available with three raised sides around the top so that it too (like the crib) can be used as a changing table. You will simply need to get a changing pad with a buckle to make it safe and comfortable for your baby.changing table and dresser in one

There are pros and cons to each of these options. Should you decide to go with dual-purpose furniture you should consider which pros and cons are most important to you and what fits best in your space.

Crib/ Changing Table


  • Eliminates the need for another separate piece of furniture
  • Adds additional drawers, shelves, or both which can be used to store all the diapering essentials (diapers/ wipes/ diaper rash cream/ baby powder/ small single use diaper pail)


  • Makes the crib longer and may not save enough space for your nursery
  • Smaller changing area so they outgrow it faster
  • Smaller changing area making it more difficult if not impossible to find replacement changing pads

Dresser/ Changing Table


  • Utilizes the top of already essential furniture saving to most space
  • Standard size changing area that will last as they grow
  • Standard size changing area making it easy to replace the changing pad once it wears out


  • Does not provide a space for your diapering essentials without taking up the dresser space
  • Requires changing the baby from the side (I personally prefer standing at their feet to change them)

Creating Space

There is storage space in your nursery that you may not have thought of or thought it couldn’t be accessed easily enough. These spaces include under the crib and behind the door.

How can you store stuff under the crib and still make it aesthetically pleasing and easily accessible you ask? The answer is a crib trundle.

crib trundle amazon.comTypically, when you hear the word trundle you think second bed, but it is essentially a shallow drawer that can be used to store stuff as well. It may be low to the ground but it is on wheels so it can still be accessed easily.

A low drawer may not be something you want to get into regularly so you could use it to store stuff like the next size up in clothes or to store extra packs of diapers and wipes.

Behind the door is not usually a place you think of for extra storage space. The fact is baby items are small and using an over the door shoe organizer to store small items like their shoes, socks, rolled up swaddle blankets, and extra pacifiers can prove to be a super helpful hidden storage solution.

Closet Space

Closets are an obvious place for storing things like their clothes but if you utilize the space right it can add storage and flare to your nursery.

Unless you are hanging up multiple sizes of clothes you probably won’t utilize the entire length of the closet for hanging stuff. This provides space for closet hanging organizers, the dresser (can be under the clothes if it is not being used as the changing table too), or my personal favorite, cube organizers.cube organizer

I love cube organizers for their versatility. They come in so many shapes and sizes making it perfect to help utilize every inch of available space. The second best thing about them is that the cube containers that you can use (or go without) come in so many colors and designs is would be easy to find ones that match your nursery theme/color scheme.

In the instance that your nursery doesn’t have a closet or it is in a shared space with no room for baby things in the closet there is the option of creating a closet out of a tall bookshelf.

To do this simply remove the top shelf for hanging space. Take a very strong tension bar or some closet bar mounting brackets and a closet bar cut to size and secure them about two inches down and four inches out from the back to create a hanging bar. The shelves below can either be left open or you can add baskets to pull out like drawers.

Wall Space

Open wall space can be a huge potential area to add some much-needed storage space to that small nursery. There is an abundance of ways to go about adding more storage space on the walls for whatever you need to store.

wall mounted baskets amazon.comYou may be looking to find a place to store your diapering supplies near the changing table without adding another piece of furniture in the room. The solution could be as simple as adding some wall mounted baskets above or along the side of the changing table.

Adding shelves to the walls in the nursery can prove useful for many things. They can provide a quick place to set something if you need two hands for something. They can display decor that isn’t made to hang like the cute table lamp you found to match the nursery perfectly.

There are so many storage accessories you can find that hang on the wall and out of the way to keep that small space as uncluttered and open as possible for when the baby arrives.

Maximum Capacity in a Minimal Space

Big or small every nursery needs enough space to store stuff. The easier and more convenient it is to get to the items you need the better. I hope these small nursery storage ideas help every parent make their nursery as functional as possible no matter the size.

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  1. A really lovely post I must say. Keeping the affairs of babies when they arrive  is one other difficult part where you don’t only have to spend money to keep in order by your brain as well. When I had my first child, me and my husband had a hard time putting his room in good shape, we had yo check magazines and some online nursery decor ideas.
    We are currently expecting our second child and that’s why I’m on this search. I love the ideas I have gotten from this post and I would love to share it with my husband to see what he thinks of it. Thanks for your suggestion.

    1. Glad I could help spark some ideas! I have four children and have had to get pretty creative with space as they take up so much of it. I wish you well with your upcoming little baby and I hope some of these ideas come in handy for organizing your nursery! 

  2. This really does seem like serendipity that I stumbled across your website and this post here today as it was just yesterday that I was chatting with a friend of mine who has two young daughters, she is a single parent and due to some financial difficulties she has been forced to move to a smaller property and because I have some building and carpentry experience she asked me if I could help to come up with some ideas and help with altering the limited space she now has, I am so pleased that I stumbled across your post here today is has been so helpful and given me some great ideas, thank you for sharing.

  3. This is a really enlightening and helpful review. My friend had been wondering since last week on how to arrange the small room where his nursery is expected to be in the best way it can. There is no enough space in the room thus it requires a smart management and arrangement. Thanks to this insightful and helpful post…there are a lot of recommendations here and I would really love to get one. Kudos

  4. This is a really lovely post and to be sincere, I like babies , they’re cute and all but when it comes to occupying space,they are professional. I’m looking forward to being a father very soon and I think this post will definitely serve the purpose it is meant for. I believe nursery should be a well organized room in order to be able to reach stuffs easily. These nursery storage ideas are interesting and nice.

  5. Hello there, this is a really good and useful article. My younger sister is newly married and her first baby would be here anytime soon she have often said he needs assistance with how she would go about her baby’s room, wish I have absolutely no idea about, lol. I like the way you have made a really explanation of how a room can be set up and stating the pros and cons of some of the ideas. I believe she can make use of this idea. Best regards.

    1. I’m glad I could help with ideas for the nursery. The pros and cons of certain items are important when deciding what to buy and I did not find an article that provided that when I was searching for my nursery items. I learned the hard way what was useful and not useful for me. Things I thought would be helpful in the long run ended up not being as useful as I had hoped. I hope this list helps your sister get the most functional furniture for her nursery and needs. Feel free to share with any other expecting parents as it is always helpful to get ideas!

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