Nursery Glider With Ottoman -Which One Will Go In Your Nursery?

A common piece of furniture people put in their nurseries is a nursery glider with ottoman. I did not have one for my first child’s nursery because she shared a room with me and there was just no space for it. I have included one in the nurseries for all three of my other children and I do not regret it!

Benefits of Having a Glider With Ottoman in Your Nursery

The inclusion of a glider with ottoman in the nurseries I set up for my children has been nothing short of a necessity for me. In my opinion the benefits far outweigh the option of skipping this item in your nursery even if the space is small.

The first and most important benefit it provides is better sleep for the baby which means better sleep for Mom and Dad too. How you ask? Let me tell you the difference it made between my first child whom I didn’t have a nursery glider for and the three children after her that did.

With my first child I was very young and still living with my mother. We lived in a three bedroom house and I have a little brother so the baby shared the room with me.

With very little space to put everything I needed for the baby in that room I did not have a nursery glider. For late night feedings I had to sit on the edge of my bed to prevent myself from falling asleep with her or go down stairs to the recliner in the living room so I could properly hold her in a way that was also comfortable for me.

I usually chose to use the recliner in the living room for my comfort (and to save my back) but this created a lot of disruption in her sleep pattern when I had to gather everything for her feedings and carry all of it plus her down stairs. When she would fall asleep after eating I also had to try to get her back to her crib upstairs without waking her up (which usually never happened). With this pattern it made it very difficult to get her set in a routine.

With my second child I knew I needed to have a comfortable place in her room where I could have everything I needed handy and be close enough to her bed that I didn’t disrupt her sleep when I laid her back down. When looking for furniture for her nursery the nursery glider with ottoman was the first thing on my list to search for.


Let me be the first to tell you it made all the difference in the world! Having a comfortable place for me to feed my baby in the middle of the night that was close to her bed allowed me to be able to get her back in bed with minimal disruption to her sleep. It took my second daughter half the amount of time it took my first to start sleeping through the night.

Other benefits of having a nursery glider include things like building a stronger bond with your baby, relieving stress, and promoting healing after baby is born.

There is nothing that is going to put your baby more at ease than your loving arms. Add a gentle gliding motion to your embrace and it can bring comfort and peace to both of you in what can seem like such a stressful time of learning for both of you. Having a way to relieve stress can also help your body recover from the birth whether it was a natural birth or a C-section delivery.

The benefits of having a nursery glider in your nursery, in my opinion, make not having one not an option. My third and fourth children had the same results with better sleep and sleeping through the night sooner. I recommend every parent add one to their nursery even in small spaces if you can squeeze it in there.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Glider for Your Nursery

There are several features to consider when searching for the perfect glider for you nursery. When starting the search it usually starts with finding one that matches the nursery. Numerous color options with both the fabric and wooden frame (if your choice had one that can be seen) is a huge plus feature.

For those of you who are designing your nursery in a small space you may be trying to determine if you really NEED a glider in there taking up what little space there is. The short answer is no. You don’t NEED it but you should really WANT it. Some storage space provided by the glider and ottoman just might make it worth squeezing into that small space.

There are gliders that have small storage pockets in the sides so you can keep things handy while feeding the baby. For a little more that pockets maybe consider a glider that has an ottoman that doubles as storage for toys, extra diapers or wipes, or those baby items that never quite have a right place to be.

Now, for the most important feature to find in a glider, comfort! The glider you put in your nursery is going to get almost as much use as your bed for a little while so comfort is important.

One thing you might want to look for is a place to rest your head (for both parents). Is the back of the glider tall enough of does it have the wingback to lean against the side? Maybe a place to lay your head is something you don’t want as a feature for fear you might fall asleep and drop the baby.

Sitting in one position for any amount of time without being able to adjust much can cause back pain in you don’t have the right support in the right places. A lumbar pillow made all the difference for me when I was feeding and rocking my baby several times a night. There are some gliders that come with a small matching lumbar pillow that would make any glider more comfortable.

As you feed or rock your baby having to support the entire weight of their body (even though it’s not much) can be tiring on your arms and back. Having a glider with armrests high enough to support your arms (especially if breastfeeding) or an ottoman that allows you to use your knees as extra support for your arms can be an important factor.

With so many things to consider when picking a glider for your nursery it makes it hard to decide which one is the right one. I have yet to come across a glider that is perfect in every way but below are a few good options to consider.

Top Nursery Gliders With Ottomans

My top choice for meeting as many of the factors as possible for the perfect nursery glider is the Carter’s Adrian Swivel Glider With Storage Ottoman.

Carter’s Adrian Swivel Glider With Storage OttomanCarter's Davinci Adrian Swivel Glider With Storage Ottoman

Buyers Rating: 5 stars

Cheapest Place to Buy: ($389.99)

Available Colors: Charcoal Grey / Cream / Grey-(available at

Product Info: Material-polyester / Cleaning-spot clean (stain/water resistant) / Weight Capacity-300 lbs. / Glider Dimentions-25″ W X 32″ D X 37.5″ H


  • includes lumbar pillow
  • stain/water resistant
  • glides and swivels
  • ottoman provides extra storage in nursery


  • ottoman doesn’t glide with chair
  • limited color selection

This glider is a top pick for several reasons.

The first reason would be the water repellent and stain resistant fabric. Let’s face it in a baby or child’s room something is bound to get on the chair at some point (likely a lot of points). Babies drool, spit up, bottles leak, and breast milk leaks, so having this feature is a fantastic plus.

The second reason is the comfort level of this glider. It is fully upholstered with plenty of cushion plus an added lumbar pillow. The only thing that could enhance the comfort of this glider is if the ottoman also glided.

As for the ottoman, even if this glider may look like too much for a smaller nursery the ottoman doesn’t glide but it does provide extra storage space inside of it. That might take away a little of the sting of adding it to your small nursery.

There is the matter of color selection too. This glider doesn’t have a lot of color options, however, it does offer some very neutral colors that could still be tied into almost any nursery. You could even put a throw blanket over the back to bring it together (and have handy).

My other top recommendation for a nursery glider is the Baby Relax Rylee Gliding Recliner.

Baby Relax Rylee Gliding ReclinerBaby Relax Rylee Gliding Recliner

Buyer Rating: 4.7 stars

Cheapest Place to Buy: ($320.00)

Available Colors: Charcoal Grey / Grey / Beige

Product Info: Material-linen / Weight Capacity-225 lbs. / Glider Dimensions-27″ W X 35.25″ D X 42″ H


  • tall chair back
  • minimal assembly
  • can put your feet up without having ottoman taking up space but still has the gliding motion instead of rocking


  • reviews stated the reclining transition is not as smooth as it could be
  • does not glide when reclined
  • limited color selection
  • putting the recline down takes some force (may not be good for mommies recovering from birth especially C-sections)

The fact that this glider does not come with an ottoman but still had a place to put your feet up might make it the ideal pick for those small nurseries that just can’t accommodate both a glider and ottoman.

This glider could also provide comfort to those parents that are above average height with its tall back. The glider is fully upholstered making it comfortable to relax and rest your head even when in the upright position.

The color selection is minimal but like the other top pick it comes in very neutral colors that will most likely be able to blend with most nurseries.

Cheap Quality Nursery Gliders With Ottomans

There are still some great quality nursery glider options for lower budgets.

The first good option is the Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman.

Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman

Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman

Buyer Rating: 4.5 stars

Cheapest Place to Buy: ($129.99)

Available Colors: Fabric-many options / Wood-white / espresso / gray / black and cherry-(available at

Product Info: Cleaning-spot clean / Weight Capacity-210 lbs. / Glider Dimensions-25.75″ W X 24.75″ D X 39.5″ H


  • many color options available making it easier to match to your nursery
  • ottoman glides with chair making it more comfortable having your feet up and still gliding
  • provides storage pockets on the side to keep some things handy during feeding time


  • reviews state seat cushion padding wears out
  • reviews state parts wear out and can cause squeaking noises when gliding

The second good option is the Storkcraft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman With Lumbar Pillow.

Storkcraft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman With Lumbar PillowStorkcraft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman With Lumbar Pillow

Buyer Rating: 4.2 stars

Cheapest Place to Buy: ($178.99)

Available Colors: Fabric-gray / Wood-white / espresso / gray / black

Product Info: Material-microfiber / Cleaning-spot clean / Weight Capacity-250 lbs. / Glider Dimensions-28″ W X 29″ D X 37.5″ H


  • includes lumbar pillow for extra back support
  • ottoman glides with chair making it more comfortable having your feet up and still gliding


  • reviews state seat cushion is too thin
  • reviews state parts wear out

I purchased the Storkcraft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman With Lumbar Pillow for my nursery. I have now had it for four years. It is not in perfect condition anymore (I have four children) but it is still something I use every night to read my children their bedtime stories.

A third option is the Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Ottoman. Mothers who are nursing might want to check this one out.

Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and OttomanGraco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Ottoman

Buyer Rating: 3.9 stars

Cheapest Place to Buy: ($189.99)

Available Colors: Fabric-gray / beige / Wood-white / gray / espresso / cherry

Product Info: Material-microfiber / Cleaning-spot clean / Weight Capacity-250 lbs. / Glider Dimensions-22.25″ W X 17.25″ D X 36.25″ H


  • fully upholstered armrests
  • pull out step stool to put you feet up on while nursing


  • reviews state glider is on the small side

Is a Glider a Good Investment in Your Nursery?

Gliders are an excellent item to have in your nursery and worth every penny. I hope this helped you come up with the perfect glider and ottoman for your nursery. For those parents that purchase any of these for your nursery or have in the past share your photos and experiences to help other parents choose the nursery glider and ottoman that can complete their perfect nurseries. Also, feel free to share any other amazing options you might have found.

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  1. When my aunt had her first child, I was staying with her, we had a room extra for the baby so we had enough space to put her stuffs, get her furniture, including nursery glider with ottoman, and it really helped my aunt. I can say its a very good thing to have nursery glider as it Will give comfort to both the mother and her baby. I am also preparing to be a father soon and I’m getting our nursery ready before our baby’s arrival and I’m definitely going to get a nursery glider, I like the Carter’s Adrian Swivel Glider With Storage Ottoman. This post is really educating and helpful. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Hello there thanks for this wonderful post, it came just in time. I showed the previous post on how to set up your nursery to my sister and she was really excited I could help her with it and then she asked “how about an Ottoman” and I was just standing there like the statue of liberty, lol. So I told her we will get to hat. Currently her nursery is being set up and I wish to get her an Ottoman on my own I had chosen Carter’s Adrian Swivel Glider With Storage Ottoman for her. I hope she likes it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are fantastic glider collection in here. I adore the one that can be easily cleaned,  If am to settle for a glider, I will go for the Carter’s Adrian Swivel Glider With Storage Ottoman. We are welcoming a new baby very soon, and am sure it will be a great idea to get this glider. It will actually be the first time we will be getting it since we just packed in to a spacious appartment. The dark grey color also make alot of sense and it can add beity to the room decorations. 

    1. Cleaning is SO important for anything having to do with a baby! That is an excellent feature of that chair. The color grey also makes it easy to move to other spots in the house when the baby outgrows having something like that in their room so it can last longer. Excellent choice and I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Now this makes a lot of sense to me. When my midwife suggested I get a glider for my daughter, I didn’t really understand why she believed it was better compared to a rocking chair. 

    I decided to research more on it. Your article has cleared me on that and I no longer have doubt about its usefulness.

    The ottoman even makes it more preffarable, providing moe comfort for one’s feet.

    Thanks for even listing the best ones to choose from, will definitely take time to check each one out before deciding which we will settle for.

    Thanks for sharing..

    1. Glad I could help clear up the confusion. They are excellent to have in nurseries! I wish you the best in finding the perfect one for your nursery.

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