Nursery and Furniture – Where to Start

First off, congratulations on the new baby in your life! You now have nine short months (maybe less) to set up the new nursery and furniture. For some this may seem like a daunting task. Here is a breakdown of how to get the nursery ready for your new little bundle of joy.

Theme/Color Scheme

It is time to start setting up for your new baby’s arrival. The first step is to decide on a theme or color scheme. You may choose to find out the gender of your baby and choose a theme tailored to a boy or girl. You may decide you aren’t going to find out the gender or just want to get started right away leading you to choose a gender neutral theme. No matter what theme you choose it is going to be perfect for your baby. Can’t decide or have no idea where to start in picking a theme? Start by picking a color to narrow down your options for a theme.

Things to Consider When Picking a Theme/Color Scheme



  • traditional (pink/blue)
  • gender neutral (green/yellow)
  • a color that would match well with the rest of your house (gray/brown)
  • a favorite thing from your childhood (dinosaurs/cars/ponies/princesses)
  • a popular/timeless character (Minnie/Mickey Mouse/Winnie the Pooh)

Deciding on a color can make choosing a theme that fits well with your color so much easier. The rest is up to you.

Choosing Furniture

Every nursery needs three basic pieces of furniture.

  1. A crib (or bassinet or playpen)
  2. A changing table
  3. A dresser

The options available these days are extremely helpful (especially if you are limited on space). You can find cribs that are combined with a changing table. There are dressers you can double as a changing table with the right accessories on top. Deciding on what combination sounds the most useful to you only leaves you with the task of matching the furniture color to your theme/color scheme.

One last piece of furniture that is not necessary but very useful for late night feedings or future bedtime stories is a rocker or glider. I would highly recommend adding one to your nursery and furniture collection if you have the space available in the nursery.

Important Nursery Accessories

Now that you have picked a theme and furniture for your nursery it’s time to come up with the accessories. The options are virtually limitless from wall decorations to night lights and things for your baby to focus on or play with.

My first recommendation would be a night light. For some time after the baby is born there are going to be many late night feedings and diaper changes. A soft dim night light is important so you can see what you are doing without turning on the bright light in the room and starting the bedtime routine all over again. There are different kinds to choose from such as the plug in night lights that sense motion to turn on, or there are some adorable lamps that can take night light dim bulbs to keep it soft on babies eyes when you have to go in there. Depending on your theme there are some pretty neat night lights available.

Another pretty important thing to have for your nursery is something for your baby to watch or play with such as a mobile. This isn’t necessary for the moment you bring them home. However, it won’t be long before you will need something to keep them entertained while they learn to put themselves to sleep or make them happy when they wake up. There are also some small soft toys you can attach to the rails for them to grab at without becoming a hazard giving them more than just audio/visual stimulation.

There are some other items that can be very useful accessories to have in your nursery but are more of a personal choice to use. A baby monitor, a sound machine, and a diaper pail are some of these items.

A monitor may not be necessary if your baby’s room is close enough to hear the baby from anywhere in the house. It is, however, a good peace of mind and sometimes a relaxing activity as a new parent to just sit and watch your baby sleep on a video monitor. They do the cutest things in their sleep sometimes.

A noise machine can play several kinds of noises to help baby sleep such as waves, birds, or even static sound. This can help your baby learn to sleep through sounds such as a vacuum so you don’t have to worry about waking up the baby if you can muster up the energy to do chores while they are napping.

A diaper pail may or may not be something you want to add to your nursery. It can be very handy to be able to throw the diaper away right after you change it but if you don’t empty it every half a day or so it could make the nursery smell. There are brands that claim to stop the smell from leaving the trash can if you want to have that convenience in your nursery.

These items can be a great addition to any nursery.

Customizing Your Nursery

You have chosen the perfect theme for your nursery and found the best and cutest accessories to go with it. Now, what sets your teddy bear, butterfly, or dinosaur nursery apart from all the others? The answer is customization! There are so many options of things to customize these days.

You could get a personalized teddy bear to set on the dresser (until they are old enough to have it) as a decoration in your teddy bear nursery. Another option would be to get a stencil and paint their name on the wall in fancy letters with some butterflies around it in a butterfly themed nursery you’ve put together. This would allow you to use the precise color you want. There are personalized signs you could have made in the shape of a dinosaur with your child’s name to tie in perfectly with your dinosaur themed nursery. This is absolutely not necessary but it would put the perfect finishing touch on your baby’s first space.

Your Perfect Nursery

It is a big job putting together a nursery. After picking a theme and furniture for your nursery everything else will start to fall together. No matter how much or how little you decide to put in your nursery it will undoubtedly be perfect for you’re baby. Happy planning!

10 thoughts on “Nursery and Furniture – Where to Start”

  1. I love how you coach your visitors looking for nursery paraphernalia on how to approach it in a calm and logical manner. There is so much stress when a new baby is due, anything that can be done to make the expectant parents lives easier is a good thing. And I think you’re doing a great job in this area.

    Decor, furniture, baby crib, you have taken it all into consideration. I wish you much success in helping others and creating a vibrant online business.


    1. Thank you for your opinion and encouragement. I try to give the kind of advice I would have liked to have when I was designing my nurseries. I hope to help many parents create great nurseries for their babies!

  2. Thank you Rachel for this know some of you might not believe this but I’m 21 and had my daughter when I was   19, so yeah I’m a dad😁💪🏽 I had a lot to deal with setting up my daughter’s nursery, at first we thought that she was a boy and bought everything in blue, lucky for us we could exhange a lot of the stuff for pink ones. Now I did not struggle with setting up the room it was arranging it that was the problem, here in this article I can clearly see what I did wrong and what steps I didn’t take. Should I keep everything in the nursery, cause my daughter is almost 2 now?

    1. A lot of furniture can transition with age as well as the theme of the nursery. I, for example, still have a glider with ottoman in my little girls bedroom (4 and 2 yo) I use it for reading them bedtime stories each night. As far as the crib goes if it is one that transitions to different stages like a toddler bed or day bed she can even continue using that. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

  3. Hello Rachel, thanks for this really nice tips to getting a perfect nursery. Some people do not know the basic things required for them to put in the nursery of their baby. Some even forget so much as to have a particular light for the night which is very crucial as some baby finds it hard to sleep in dark room. I believe this would help anyone set up a good nursery for their child

    1. Thanks for the feedback. It can be hard remembering all the little things and makes it stressful after the baby is born and remembering then and having to scramble to get it while trying recover and settle in with a new baby in your life.

  4. The baby’s cot is the first thing I would go for, the finish must not have any toxic ingredients,as babies often chew the top rail,so the paint used must be safe.I would also say that it should be on castors,so you can move it to your bed room, or another room while you are busy cleaning or vacuuming.

    The colour I would say should be cheerful and light,a pastel cream would be nice,and then decals of animals or birds.   The next thing I would want would be a dresser/ changing table to store nappies,clothes and underclothes and all the other bits and pieces needed,for the baby, of course it’s clour scheme,decals and so on must match the cot,and of course a nappy pail, with a lid, which would be serviced, in the bathroom, and have some antisepic fluid in it at all times.

    A mobile would be nice over the cot to keep them occupied,with familiar objects like domestic animals, that they can learn to recognise,and some soft toys to hang over the cot’s rails for them to play with.

    I was brought up with a playpen and I think that is good, for when the child is a little older where they can play,in safety when you are busy with other things,this will give you peace of mind,that you don’t need to have  to watch them all the time.

    A baby monitor would be nice ,to keep a eye on them at night,and to monitor whats happening to them,so that you don’t have to get up to check on them, unless you need to.       A necessity in our country,is a mosquito net to keep unwanted pests like flies  and mosquitoes at bay,although in the summer, this can be a little warm during the day,

    1. Sounds like you have come up with a pretty good plan for a nursery. It can be tough trying to think of everything (especially when those mommy hormones get going during pregnancy). Thanks for your sharing your thoughts on getting started with putting together a nursery.

  5. Furnishing a nursery haven’t been one of my favorite thing to do because I tend ti make all the search I can for different designs and in the end I am confused which design I should go with. But following by the idea given in this post, I believe anyone would get a really nice nursery. What do you suggest about having little toys around the nursery? Considering the chances of it being swallowed by the baby.

    1. I went around and around with trying to pick things for my nurseries as well. Not only furniture but trying to find all the décor and accessories that match too. Little toys are fine to have in the nursery although I would not recommend toys that are smaller or have parts smaller than an adult hand. I had an octopus toy that attached to the rail of my daughters crib that had different items on each tentacle for different types of stimulation but was still soft so she could explore with her mouth (as that’s the first thing babies usually do with everything) but the perfect size that it didn’t pose a suffocation risk but she couldn’t swallow any part of it either. Thanks for your feedback.

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