Baby Girl Nursery Decorating Ideas – Queen or Princess

It is such exciting news to find out you are getting to add a brand new baby girl to your family and I want to offer my congratulations! I have had the pleasure to put together a few beautiful baby girls nurseries for my three daughters. I hope I can help inspire some baby girl nursery decoration ideas so you can give her the nursery of her dreams (where she will have all her dreams come true).

Mommy’s Queen Bee or Daddy’s Little Princess


So, Mom, you are about to embark on the amazing journey of raising your queen bee or, Daddy, your little princess. You now get to decorate her very own space where she will grow and learn so much. What better way to get things going than to introduce some of your favorite things to her through the theme of her nursery.

You can start with your favorite color even if it’s not a traditional baby girl color. Black can even be incorporated into the perfect nursery for a baby girl. For many colors you could incorporate your favorite animal or flower into it like blue elephants, purple butterflies, or even a fox theme to tie into an orange color scheme. Animal prints come in many colors also.

There are also many professions that could become very unique themes if you are lucky enough to have a job you are passionate about. Is Mom or Dad in the medical field? Maybe one (or both) parent(s) is in the military. A theme like this for your little girl could be made so personal and extra special.

Glitz and Glam or Subtle Butterfly

For girls the look of their nurseries can be over the top with glitz, glam, and glitter (which there is nothing wrong with), or it can be more traditional soft and frilly in nature. Since your baby girl is way too young to choose which of these styles is more her pace you can deck out her nursery with as much glitz and glam as you want. If that isn’t your style there are still plenty of options that can be vibrant and classy without the extra embellishments.


For the instances where Mom and Dad may not agree on how much splash the nursery should contain there is always compromise that can be made. Maybe choose a softer color while keeping the sparkly decorations and maybe a stuffed animal in the bolder color. If the bold color is more important to the entire theme of the room go with more subtle decorations like signs with cute sayings and keep the wall colors more neutral.

Quite the Character

One of the easiest to choose options for a nursery theme is to base it around a character. This, however, does not make a narrow field of options. There are so many popular characters especially for girls. There are so many princesses to choose from. You could also take your pick from many other girly favorites like Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell, Alice in Wonderland, and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

Let us not leave out the many awesome female superheroes (or supervillains as some of them are pretty awesome as well). A nursery with a Wonder Woman theme would be a brilliant way to symbolize how strong a woman can become when she puts her mind to it. A unique nursery could be made out of the theme of the supervillain Poison Ivy. You could incorporate a lot of plants in the nursery if you have a green thumb or fake ones if your thumb is a normal color.

Future…(fill in the blank)

From the moment every parent finds out they are going to have a child they start picturing what their child might be like as they grow up. Even unsure of the baby’s gender they picture future activities they could do with their child such as Mom taking her baby girl to her first dance competition where she will definitely win first place. Dad might picture himself coaching his son’s football team.

The visions that you as a parent dreamed up in your moment of realization might not come true especially if the baby isn’t the same gender you were hoping for or pictured in your head. That certainly doesn’t mean you can’t design a nursery for them based around your dreams for their success if they still fit appropriately once you find out what your baby is going to be.

Dance doesn’t have to be something you are good at to want your daughter to be good at. You can theme her room around whatever style of dance you picture for her. After she is born you could have a picture of her taken next to a pair of ballet slippers or tap shoes to tie her into the vision you created in her room. Dance is not the only thing that could be an awesome vision for your daughter. Maybe you picture her being good with music, or a fan of horses, or a killer softball player. It would be an awesome thought knowing your dreams for her future surround her while she dreams.

Second Greatest Masterpiece

Whether your daughter grows up to be a diva or a princess, a dance queen or a softball star she can get that first spark of interest from all that surrounds her. You will be the first thing she loves and then she will grow into her own person and decide the things she likes for herself. You can design her nursery around things you like that she might learn to like as well. You can make it into her first possible interest or just make it simply beautiful for your baby (your first greatest masterpiece)!

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