Baby Boy Nursery Decorating Ideas – Finding Inspiration

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your baby boy! Setting up a new nursery can be a big job. The first and most important part is coming up with baby boy nursery decorating ideas. Here are some things to consider for inspirational help in coming up with the perfect theme for your little man.

Mom and Dad’s Favorite Things

The first thing to consider is none other than WHAT DO YOU LIKE/ WHAT DOES THE OTHER PARENT LIKE? There are so many baby boy nursery decorating ideas to be found in the things you like most. The baby is just that a baby, and I’m sure he will love anything you pick out special for him. He will have no idea what his room is decorated with for several years anyway.

Chances are since he will be brought up by you he will learn to love a lot of the same things you do as well. Now, if your favorite thing is unicorns that probably isn’t the route you want to take for your baby boy, but maybe there is a sports team that is strongly supported in your house. Do you find the stars and night sky soothing? Turn the nursery into a space theme. Was Dad Space-Themea fan of Power Rangers or The Ninja Turtles when he was a boy? Bring back those memories in the nursery for your baby boy.

You are in control and can turn your favorite things into the perfect nursery theme for your little guy.

Brother or Sister Favorites

This idea may not apply to everyone, but another inspiration for coming up with baby boy nursery decorating ideas is to ask his big brother or sister if they are old enough to tell you what they like. Did you strike out on ideas from your favorite things or could it be that you still have too many to pick from since you can find almost anything these days.

This would be a good time to let the kids who have gotten their big kid rooms help with coming up with ideas they think would be best for their new baby brother. You can let them come up with their own ideas or you can give them options to choose from that you are having trouble narrowing down.

Giving them control like that if your can handle their decisions might actually make the adjustment of having a new brother more special when they get to show their new baby brother his room that they helped pick out. The ideas a kid can come up with sometimes might just surprise you.

Themes Geared Towards Babies

An option to consider if you really want your nursery to look like a room made for a baby is to pick very soft and light colors. This can be just solid colors or you can find animals or patters that match the color.

One option would be to do a teddy bear theme with light brown as the main color. There is also traditional baby blue, and you could incorporate some elephants into it with wall decorations and stuffed animals. One of my favorite colors is green and there is plenty of frog decorations out there to make your nursery unique.

There is also the option of finding an awesome pattern in the color that speaks to you instead of finding animal stuff that matches your color of choice. This is a very broad category to resort to when trying to narrow things down but sorting by color could spark an idea for the perfect nursery design.

Popular Characters

When your read the heading “Popular Characters” the first thing that probably popped into your head was characters like Mickey Mouse, Olaf, Winnie the Pooh, or Lightening McQueen. While these are all valid ideas and could be made into very cute baby boy nurseries, if you were trying to stay away from Disney and the likes it doesn’t totally knock this category out of the running.

Nurseries can be decorated in more grown up character themes as well and still be the cutest of nurseries. Star Wars for example. Maybe pick your decor around a particular character from Star Wars. My personal favorite would be a nursery done in a Harry Potter theme focusing on a specific Hogwarts house for the color scheme. There are also a ton of superheros that would make for an awesome nursery theme (maybe Dad’s favorite).

Boys and Their Toys

What nursery theme would be good for a baby boy? Their toys could also provide good ideas for a nursery theme. I’m not just talking about baby boy’s toys but also men’s toys. Look at things boys take care of like their own babies.

Does the truck or car in the driveway get a weekly wash and wax? Does every tool have a proper place in the garage? Are there regular fishing trips planned throughout the year? Maybe hunting season is as anticipated as the upcoming arrival of that little future hunter.

How cute it would be to have a fishing themed room with a mobile that is a fishing rod with fish hanging down over the crib. Add a singing fish to the wall and there your have it. Turn that hunting passion into a camouflage themed room, maybe even with a real deer head on the wall. These themes might even grow with them so you can keep some of the decor for their big kid room when it’s time.

Limitless Possibilities

Your options for baby boy nursery decorating ideas are limitless. I had three girls before I finally got to create a nursery for my son. I had planned out a boy nursery with every child in hopes I was having a boy every time. When I finally found out I was having a boy I had such a hard time choosing which one I wanted most since I knew my son was going to be my last child. I hope these ideas help you narrow down your options for your perfect baby boy nursery.

22 thoughts on “Baby Boy Nursery Decorating Ideas – Finding Inspiration”

  1. You are very right with your take that ideas are all around and if you can maximise the ideas available, it would be much more easier to ficus in the things that truly matters in decorating the nursery for the baby boy. I took inspiration from my sister while decorating and everything was decorated in form of a superhero because I took my son to ve my hero. He grew up to like it I must say. Great tips you have shared

    1. Thanks! I love the look of little boys rooms decorated in superheroes. It gives them a good role model to strive to be like and teaches them right from wrong at an early age.

  2. You have so many good options lined out here honestly. There are so many ways that one can decorate the nursery of their son. Its very cool that one can not only draw inspiration from the parents but from the coming childs elder siblings. My sister is expecting a boy pretty soon and i think that she really needs to read your oust. Nice one here.

  3. Great ideas. With our second I wanted to know the sex, but my wife didn’t. She won. So the nursery got a shade of yellow. We had a boy so it remained neutral and light in colours so we were able to brand it with boy themes later. Hunting and fishing, great concepts. Wish  had thought of them.

    1. I said I wasn’t going to find out what my last child was because I had three girls and figured that was what I was going to get again, but I ended up getting too excited and found out I was finally getting a son. I had planned out boy nurseries every time in hopes of having a boy so I gave in so I could finally put one of them together instead of going neutral. Hunting and fishing can be fun themes too put together as there are so many different things you could do with it. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. Hello Rachel, such a wonderful idea you have given here. There are so many ways one can set up a childs nursery but in doing this you’ll have to take so many things to consideration. No one would want to make a nursery the dad wouldn’t like the theme or concept of it. Also some people do not know how cool it is to considering picking a theme for the child which is another serious aspect. I believe this post would help anyone understand better how setting up a nursery should go. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I wanted a boy every time and finally fourth time was a charm. I then had so many great ideas it was just hard to pick which one I liked most.

  5. My Aunt has just had a new born and she will really appriciate this website.She has been aking the family for baby nursery ideas and this post if perfect for just that.She is so excited about her baby boy and she definatley appriciate that ideas that are presented here on this website.Great post!

  6. Very great tips you have talked abkiyt and I must surely commend you for the things you have shared up here. Being an expecting mom myself and I am currently expecting a male baby, I found this very helpful. Setting up the nursery can be daunting for me as I lack in decision making. Having read this post, I was able to come up with a couple of ideas on the various ways by which I can get ideas to use in setting up. Thanks for this.

  7. Hi, Rachel. When I had a baby boy, I had almost everything blue. His bedsheets were blue too. It didn’t bother him with blue when we noticed he loved red colors as he slowly grew up. He grew up differentiating boy is blue and girl is pink. He had various Disney characters surrounding him as baby such as soft toys and room decorations. Then, he likes Superheroes. The room theme has changed. I guess we have the fun of decorating nurseries when they are babies. When they grow up, they will have the fun to take charge of the decoration in their room 😊

    1. That is the greatest part of decorating a nursery is they don’t care what it looks like so you can design it however you want. They will develop their own opinions on it later and may want to change but by that point they are probably getting a bigger bed and need new room décor anyway so they can get what they like then.

  8. When I was decorating our first son’s room we put in a green and blue color theme with a lizard mobile and stuffed toys. It turned out really well but we sold all of it off after my son was older (He grew out of it). We’re having a surprise baby now so once again I must come up with a theme. I like your idea of sports teams, we all love basketball.

    1. After much deliberation as to what theme to pick for our only son we did end up doing it based around a sports team. My husband is much more of a baseball fan but you can find stuff for every sport. My sons room turned out great so basketball may make for an awesome nursery for your son like it did mine. Good luck and feel free to share pictures to give other parents ideas for decorations.

  9. Setting up a new nursery can truly be a hard nut to crack. It can really be a difficult task especially when you are clueless as to what to do.

    I once watched a couple struggle to come up with an idea for their baby nursery simply because they did not know exactly what to do

    Thank you so much Rachael for this post. It has indeed awakened my level of Creativity and inspiration. I now know exactly what to do the next time I am expecting a new born baby

    1. It can be a daunting task as there are so many great options to choose from. I’m glad I could help inspire your creative side.

  10. We used to think the boy room should be decorated manly in my region since the last generation thinks it this way, especially for the generation of my parents. So, if they see the boy room is full of too cute toys or a softer decoration, my parents would have many comments toward it. 

    Your post does provide some other thinking regarding this theme, and it’s something that I should maintain neutral for the decoration since the older brother could provide some inspiration or maybe the famous carton & movie characters. I would definitely try this in the near future!

    1. Glad I could help you come up with some manly ideas that could grow with your baby boy. Asking big brother for inspiration is always a good source too as kids can be so creative.

  11. This is an amazing and superb idea for baby nursery. I want my baby boy nursery to be good looking and look like a little palace for a little princess. What do I know about baby nursery before? Nothing,lols. I never heard a thought to prepare a special space for a baby. My upcoming baby will be lucky to meet this new idea.

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