About Me

Welcome to Nursery Decor Galore! There is nothing more exciting than preparing for a new arrival to your family. My absolute favorite part is setting up the nursery! I love designing, decorating, and organizing for the many items baby is going to need after they make their grand entrance. I would love to help you make that process easier in any way I can.

My Story

I am a stay at home mother of four wonderful children (3 girls 1 boy in that order). I had them all in different stages of my life.

My first daughter was born in a time of my life that I was too young to provide for myself or a baby. My wonderful mother made sure we both had what we needed.

When my second daughter was born when I was just starting my life with my husband. We found out we were expecting just two and a half short months after our wedding.

My third daughter was born a couple years later when we were settled into our home and life was calm and on the right track.

My son was a surprise a short few months later and sparked the need to find a new and bigger forever home.

We were lucky enough to quickly find the perfect home and had a very smooth selling/buying transition. During the months before my son was born we were fortunate enough to remodel our entire new house to make it our dream forever home. Designing our entire home was like hitting the lottery for me (I was large and in charge). The cherry on top was getting to finally design a nursery for a boy.

Nursery Design Made Simpler

My experiences around designing each of my children’s nurseries were unique.

I wasn’t able to have a separate nursery with my first daughter so I had to design it around fitting it in a room she would share with me.

When my second nursery was the nursery of everyone’s dreams but was a lot harder to piece together than I thought it would be.

The third time around I had to integrate a baby and a toddler into one room.

With my sons nursery (the one I wanted to create for so long) I was surprised to find the things I was looking for were not readily available.

In the end, after a lot of hard work, I created nurseries that were perfect for my children and I aim to help all the parents out there that want to do the same for their babies (not matter the circumstances).

I hope to help each and every parent put together the perfect nursery for their little one(s).

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Founder of Nursery Décor Galore